Things That Make Us Human


Thing I love most  about meeting and interacting with new cultures is that you get to interact with stereotypes and cancel them out like asap. We judge people based on what we believe in and they judge us based on what they believe in. The beauty of life is that we are all different and our differences make life spicy and interesting. It really sounds cliché but I don’t think most of us really internalise it.


Quiyi and Felix in Maasai Mara, Kenya

I had the pleasure of meeting this two lovely souls from China who study in Germany and I found myself saying eywwww countless times when they repeated that they eat dogs and cats. What touched me most was when Felix said ‘people hate Chinese people because of this’. It made me a little sad because we judge other humans too much just because they are not accustomed to what we do. Not so many people eat dogs in China anyway and there is nothing wrong for the few who eat them. There are things that we do as Africans as well that seem super weird to Europeans or other people and vice versa but that’s just who and how we are. I think we need to learn how to judge less and empathise with other cultures.



Me and Qiuyi 

My take away from meeting Qiuyi and Felix is that you can learn so much from people when you lay down all judgements. Life becomes so easy, enjoyable and peaceful. There are no superficial barriers, just two humans telling each other things. Things that make us human.

Fall for You


Photo courtesy of Black Panther


I dont know if its the mirrors in my house

They lie

That am this African goddess

Every part of me oozes

Sometimes i like believing this little lies

That i can be black and beautiful

Even when am pushing down

To get them abs

Or dancing to Davido

Or sometimes when am oiling my braids

I think i love the lies

At least they seem real in my eyes

And I like the mirror’s perception too

A little back

The struggle was real

To accept that i was beautiful

In the midst of this faces

with silky hair, lean

I have come to love my curves

The big shape that shapes my forehead

I just dont want to turn heads anymore

For somewhere deep

I know i can turn my own head

And i love every dark part of me


Grey Colors


I could see the streets through you

The grey colors staring

The laugh of the wind

The funny characters in our head

and the majestic glory of the sun

You are love


You are the present

Zen Moments

snow flakes.gif

“The snow falls, each flake in its own place”

– Zen

Sometimes i let my mind wander off to what can and what could be. I always end up being miserable because i forget to refocus my mind to what am doing in the present. I refuse to accept that the designer of life had a purpose for each waking moment in this life but when i become conscious, the peace i get is astounding. My gosh!


Do you ever have this moments?


African beat













I realized I was drawn to the African drums
The sound of streets
The laughter
And the way the singer goes
There’s something about his passion
That tells a tale

A tale of freedom
When he goes
Shakala eeee
I feel renewed
Like I can concur today
Aaah eeee
He goes
And am brought to this moment

Right here!

Please lemme know your wonderful thoughts on the poem above. Will appreciate it!☺



Being Whole

Everything worthwhile is not in the future but now!
Most of us outsource our happiness from people and circumstances. Hence, happiness becomes very elusive.
Happiness and unhappiness are states of the mind. We look up to salvation or moments in the future to be happy. When I obtain this or that, I will be happy. When someone does this or that, I will be happy. Hence, happiness becomes very short-lived.
It also means that we are in a state of lack.
Freedom and salvation in this case can only come through focusing on what can be done now. We focus our energy on the past and the future too much that we forget to enjoy the present moments. People say they need time to achieve this or that, acquire something or someone, love etc before they can be happy or whole/ complete.
But we get there by realizing that we are there already, by living in complete acceptance of what is. If you want to look good, start now, if you are not happy with your body, start exercising now, if you want love in your life, start loving now, don’t wait till someone comes in order for you to love.
It also means accepting circumstances as they are, if there is a solution you can find now to the problem you have, well and good and you if can’t find a solution now, just let life be.
We also need to learn that when negative things happen, there is a deep lesson concealed under it. There is always a higher good in every situation. It doesn’t mean we continue staying in bad relationships or in uncomfortable situations, to the contrary when you are whole, complete and utterly present that’s when you learn to walk away from situations that don’t speak to who you are. And peace and happiness come from a deeper place in you, hence you don’t feel the need to fight also or insult and be clingy when things don’t go well. You just walk away, happy and complete.
Most of us derive our sense of identity from situations, people, fame, titles, and appearances. Not to say they are bad but circumstances change, people fall out of love, you may end up losing your beauty, fame, titles, money, but then what happens?
It also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate what you have or the amazing people in your life, it only means that you don’t derive your sense of who you are or happiness in people or situations because they are temporary.
Echart Tolle in his book, The Power Of Now says, ‘All that arises passes away’
I believe him.


What would you write for me? LLE


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Its all lies, Darling…

This deeply resonates with me right now!

This African Girl


I was scared today and not just because i realised how much and what i can do but what i have lost. Friends, family, opportunities and more. And i would lie if i said i dont feel alone most times.
I do.
Perhaps even to share the best,i do.
Alone though.
And even the few you have, they are just too far to understand.

Sometimes i sit down and i see so much, i hear so much and i want to cry because what is being said is true.

But something deep inside keeps whispering that i can do it. I can figure it out. Its easier to judge. I know. Maybe their lives suck and they want to drag mine with them.
And sometimes you want to fight or shout out that, am not that or this or its them not me.
And maybe sometimes, they…

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Live and Love



For the past years in my life, I have been told what to do, whom to speak to, how I should sit properly, dress decently, walk like this and like that, not to say too much, and so many other things
But the thing I always wanted to hear is to live. To breathe.
I am vulnerable to death just as everyone else is. What we don’t hear is love with all your heart regardless of age, color, gender etc or enjoy every single moment including this moment, now as you read this.
We are taught to walk over people, disrespect the most vulnerable and live like we own our breath and sometimes it’s weird when we get shocked that some people die and others well, we are not shocked. Is death not for all people?
And why are we here, if not to live, love and enjoy every single moment of the life given to us. It starts with loving oneself enough to love others, including our families, friends, neighbours, country women and men. How will we not achieve peace in the world if we love everyone this way, like the next breath depends on them.
I choose to live and love like I will die in the next one minute.

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