I needed a table for two. See,My head was a mess. i, we needed to reason. I constantly said this things, knew this things, i knew what i want but STILL STILL walked on the same tiny path when i could, walk on a wider road.


Remember how you gave your heart and she never even supported you or
Or how you continued taking the same crap from her
And still, still continued taking the crap. Repeated twice? There is more

Remember, how you fell too quickly
Yet, he was not the one YOU wanted nor HE wanted. Still, you run like he, was the only thing only that breathes air on earth
Or how they wanted you to take the blame.
You did.
Perhaps, am beyond repair?

Or how you set your mind to cut the tummy fat, yet only worked harder to hide the extra gains
Or the time keeping or the constant dependence on things that promise the hurt
Remember, how you refused to trust your mind.
Yet, you were right
Even now

This vision.
This goals
But still… the reality seems so far out of reach

Perhaps, more self love?


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