Live and Love



For the past years in my life, I have been told what to do, whom to speak to, how I should sit properly, dress decently, walk like this and like that, not to say too much, and so many other things
But the thing I always wanted to hear is to live. To breathe.
I am vulnerable to death just as everyone else is. What we don’t hear is love with all your heart regardless of age, color, gender etc or enjoy every single moment including this moment, now as you read this.
We are taught to walk over people, disrespect the most vulnerable and live like we own our breath and sometimes it’s weird when we get shocked that some people die and others well, we are not shocked. Is death not for all people?
And why are we here, if not to live, love and enjoy every single moment of the life given to us. It starts with loving oneself enough to love others, including our families, friends, neighbours, country women and men. How will we not achieve peace in the world if we love everyone this way, like the next breath depends on them.
I choose to live and love like I will die in the next one minute.

Please lemme know your wonderful thoughts on the comments section below


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