Its all lies, Darling…

This deeply resonates with me right now!

This African Girl


I was scared today and not just because i realised how much and what i can do but what i have lost. Friends, family, opportunities and more. And i would lie if i said i dont feel alone most times.
I do.
Perhaps even to share the best,i do.
Alone though.
And even the few you have, they are just too far to understand.

Sometimes i sit down and i see so much, i hear so much and i want to cry because what is being said is true.

But something deep inside keeps whispering that i can do it. I can figure it out. Its easier to judge. I know. Maybe their lives suck and they want to drag mine with them.
And sometimes you want to fight or shout out that, am not that or this or its them not me.
And maybe sometimes, they…

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