Grey Colors


I could see the streets through you

The grey colors staring

The laugh of the wind

The funny characters in your head

and the majestic glory of the sun

You are love


You are the present


Zen Moments

snow flakes.gif

“The snow falls, each flake in its own place”

– Zen

Sometimes i let my mind wander off to what can and what could be. I always end up being miserable because i forget to refocus my mind to what am doing in the present. I refuse to accept that the designer of life had a purpose for each waking moment in this life but when i become conscious, the peace i get is astounding. My gosh!


Do you ever have this moments?


African beat













I realized I was drawn to the African drums
The sound of streets
The laughter
And the way the singer goes
There’s something about his passion
That tells a tale

A tale of freedom
When he goes
Shakala eeee
I feel renewed
Like I can concur today
Aaah eeee
He goes
And am brought to this moment

Right here!

Please lemme know your wonderful thoughts on the poem above. Will appreciate it!☺