Things That Make Us Human


Thing I love most  about meeting and interacting with new cultures is that you get to interact with stereotypes and cancel them out like asap. We judge people based on what we believe in and they judge us based on what they believe in. The beauty of life is that we are all different and our differences make life spicy and interesting. It really sounds cliché but I don’t think most of us really internalise it.


Quiyi and Felix in Maasai Mara, Kenya

I had the pleasure of meeting this two lovely souls from China who study in Germany and I found myself saying eywwww countless times when they repeated that they eat dogs and cats. What touched me most was when Felix said ‘people hate Chinese people because of this’. It made me a little sad because we judge other humans too much just because they are not accustomed to what we do. Not so many people eat dogs in China anyway and there is nothing wrong for the few who eat them. There are things that we do as Africans as well that seem super weird to Europeans or other people and vice versa but that’s just who and how we are. I think we need to learn how to judge less and empathise with other cultures.



Me and Qiuyi 

My take away from meeting Qiuyi and Felix is that you can learn so much from people when you lay down all judgements. Life becomes so easy, enjoyable and peaceful. There are no superficial barriers, just two humans telling each other things. Things that make us human.

Fall for You


Photo courtesy of Black Panther


I dont know if its the mirrors in my house

They lie

That am this African goddess

Every part of me oozes

Sometimes i like believing this little lies

That i can be black and beautiful

Even when am pushing down

To get them abs

Or dancing to Davido

Or sometimes when am oiling my braids

I think i love the lies

At least they seem real in my eyes

And I like the mirror’s perception too

A little back

The struggle was real

To accept that i was beautiful

In the midst of this faces

with silky hair, lean

I have come to love my curves

The big shape that shapes my forehead

I just dont want to turn heads anymore

For somewhere deep

I know i can turn my own head

And i love every dark part of me